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The power of social media will positively impact your business.

We use a three-prong approach when generating, executing and reporting your organic social media. Social media has value, some still think it’s a little hookey and would rather not be involved with social media. Those companies are losing out on a broad audience. The new generations are born and breed with smart devices attached to their hands before they can walk. We combine all the social media results: likes, comments, shares, and video views to retarget those same individuals with similar ads to gain more conversions.

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Organic social media strategy is very different from that of a paid social media. We also believe in a mixed approach that includes both call to action posts along with some fun posts that are geared more towards engagement. We understand the importance of leveraging the social media paid ads boosting tools separate from generating ads in the ads manager. We use a unique style when planning a strategy that will achieve optimal results and happiness. Social media is a place to have fun, be informative and win new customers by leverageing existing brand advocates.


Social media execution is a crucial part of the strategy. When should I post? One might ponder, or you might over think it and become stumped. That is what we are here for! Our social media management specialists understand how to maximize your social media pages as a tool to build your brand awareness and drive traffic to leaf generating landing pages. We use real-time optimization to keep up with comments and reviews. We also encourage you and your team to be involved. We use the business management feature for these platforms which allows us to add employees with usage parameters or you can let us run with it. 


Social media results have real value, and we show that with reporting. We can track conversions, last click, and lead flow. We know how to maximize the results and quantify your ads dollars into more conversions. We like to go over the reporting with you to help you better understand how our efforts are positivley impacting your bottomline. We lead generatoin guarantee results. 

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